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Not the early ice season we hoped for.

It's been getting below freezing for about a week now but the ice has a ways to go to recover from our warm spell. The ice conditions up Avalanche Lake in Glacier National Park were, as expected, thin with open water. But it's trying real hard!

I was able to climb up the approach ice no problem but there wasn't really anything good enough for solid screw placements. From there I got a better view of Memorandum. The steep curtain looked thin and steeper than usual. Remember, there are some good sized snow fields above this route and 12+ inches of snow with high winds in the forecast this weekend.

There's a huge hole in Monument with flowing water. Would be tough to stay dry right now.

The Pig is going to be the best bet for good ice if you're up for the calf burning approach.

**It's called Avalanche Lake for a reason. With the large amount of snow and wind in the forecast I'll be skiing the resort this weekend.

Check the Avy Forecast here!

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