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Vertical Venture

"Local climber Joel Anderson establishes ice climbing guide service"


Alex strohl photo shoot

Behind the Photo:

Ice Climbing Shoot

"A day of ice climbing in Montana. Together with Whitefish Vertical Adventures, we send it up a frozen waterfall."

strohl_sr_8022 copy.jpg


Glacier Park Collection

Ice Climbing in Whitefish:

Cold, Fun and Beautiful

"Whitefish, Montana is definitely a haven for lovers of winter sports. Skiing and snowboarding are the most popular activities, of course. But did you know Whitefish also makes a great spot to give ice climbing a try?"


Daily Interlake/ Whitefish Pilot

Guide Taps Into Local Ice Climbing Scene

"There’s a certain satisfaction that comes with a solid ice tool placement.

Hanging along a 50-foot wall of vertical ice, I lift my right arm above my head and strike the pick of the tool in a small concavity above me.

Looking down, Joel Anderson belays me with a smile..."

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