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Is valley ice season finally here?!

The last little cold snap really helped things along! It's not all good news though.

Bad Rock Canyon is having water issues and may not come in this season.

Stone Hill is trying but needs some colder temps. There are a couple bolted dry tool routes that are worth checking out if you're into it.

Crevice formed up a little different this year but it's currently climbable with a good lead head. A 70m rope reaches the upper anchors or a 60m will work if your ok with the sketchy traverse to get to the anchors on the right. There are also some new anchors above the right side of the lower curtain if you feel like climbing some short, steep hot laps. There is still some thin ice so be delicate and let it form up thick.

Serenity Falls is in OK shape. Safely climbable but stay off the thin ice and let it thicken up. It's a little snowy but the left side climbs well.

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