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January ice conditions

In and out, in and out. That's how ice climbing season has felt so far. We had an abundance of unseasonably warm weather in December up until now. We need these incoming cold temps and hopefully that will get us back on track.

I've had some kind folks sending me info on what our local ice climbs have been doing and I have done a little scouting myself. Here's what I've got!


Serenity Falls 1/10/20

Upper falls is thin but safely climbable. Just be delicate.

Lower Falls still needs some time to fully freeze over but it's looking much better than last week.

The pillar has fallen. Thankfully! It was barely hanging on and now its safe to be at the base.


Cascade Cascade(C2) 12/29/19

Right side looks quite thin but the left still climbs. 13cm screws just poke through to the space behind the ice.


Crevice 1/4/20

Still needs time and some cold temps to get into good condition. The creek is frozen though!

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