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Glacier park ice

Conditions report as of 11/20/2018:

Snyder Basin: Conditions are thin in Snyder Basin. Controlled Burn is touching down on Brainstem Wall and is the only fully-formed climb in that area. Big Blue is looking thin but Montana Six Pack has a decent amount of ice and is likely the best-formed route in the park. Nothing is fat right now and the snowpack is very shallow.

Avalanche Lake Area: No climbs are in on Mt. Cannon, although some routes have started to form. Cannon Fodder may come in with a hard cold snap. Currently three climbs are forming in Avalanche Basin: The Pig, Monument, and Memorandum. All three are steep right now, with snow-topped mushroom features. All three likely have running water in places. The best-formed route is the Pig, followed by Memorandum. Both will be steep and snowy.

Big thanks to Devin Schmit for trekking up into the Park and sending an update.

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