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February ice conditions

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

We'll start with the bad and finish up with the good.

Stone Hill - No ice. This one just isn't going to come in this year. Although if you're game for some dry tooling, two of the routes have a second dry tooling pitch bolted by Mark Venery a while back. Highly recommended!

Bad Rock - No ice.

Columbia Mt. Trailhead - In!

There are a handful of short routes to choose from. Setting anchors at the top may be tricky, I would bring a long piece of static rope, maybe some cams and stoppers, and get creative.

Crevice - Fun WI4 with some good rests.

Serenity Falls - I was surprised at how well Serenity came in this year! It has been my go to spot to take clients.

Brainstem Wall - Glacier National Park - Brainstem is looking quite stout as usual but there are a couple mellower options off to the sides. Be sure to check Avalanche Conditions before you go.

Brainstem Wall -Photo- Jon Kiraly

Be Safe out there and happy climbing!

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