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Current ice in the Flathead Valley

It's been a rough season so far. Dry Fall and warmer than average temps have all led to a poor start to the ice season in the valleys. There is still some tool swinging to do if you know where to look!

Bad Rock - Not in. Its barely showing a couple icicles..

Columbia Mt. Trailhead - Climbable but in rough shape.

Stonehill(Koocanusa) - Dry. Not even close.

Crevice(Crevasse, depending on where you're from) - IN!!! Its about the only easy access ice thats good to go right now! I've been twice so far this season. As long as you feel good on WI4 you'll have a good outing in our little hidden slot canyon.

Crevice. Photo- Devin Schmit

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